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Why Beck Specialized Auctions?

Expert Advice & Experiences For Our Clients. 

Traditionally in auctions people are gathered together in a cold drafty building to sit in uncomfortable chairs and wait hours to purchase the items they are interested in.  Different from that, at Beck Auctions, we provide a heated comfortable atmosphere with comfortable chairs, a coffee and snack bar and an atmosphere that is second to none.  Also, our auctioneers are all chosen for their exceptional talent and personal interactions with the audience.  

Come have a look and you will see the difference!

We have short specialized auctions.  This concept was developed by Clinton Beck.  Nothing is more frustrating for buyers than to go to an auction and wait hours for their items to come up.  Also, traditional estate auctions were sold all together.  So, pots and pans were mixed with art, jewellery and antiques.  This doesn’t yield the best price.  



Using modern management software, we separate lots into specialized groups: art, housewares, antiques, jewellery, coins etc.  As a result, we can group buyers together that are interested in the objects that are available.  So, consignors get better prices and buyers get a better experience as everything that is of interest.  Consequently, no time is wasted and no opportunity is wasted.

We are part of the largest auction network in the world through Invaluable.com.  The largest and most successful auction houses in the world are part of this group.  This means as a consigner that your items will be viewed by qualified buyers all over the world. 



We are expert marketers and do everything in house.  Clinton Beck, the President of Beck Auctions has over 25 years of marketing expertise and is a former President of an award winning advertising agency.  That’s why his companies have been for-runners of progress in the online marketing world.

Beck Auctions also has the fairest prices for both the buyer and seller in the world.  You will see a great difference when compared to other auction companies.

Specialized Auctions & Unbeatable Service


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