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“Hot Rod” – The Feline Star of Beck Auctions Welcoming you with his mischievous eyes and graceful stride is “Hot Rod”, the furry face of Beck Auctions. More than just a pet, he’s our mascot, our confidant, and a treasured member of our family. His journey to us, however, started with hardship. As a tiny kitten, he was forsaken on the highway, a twist of fate that could have led to a heart-wrenching story. But destiny, it seems, had a grander narrative in mind. When we took over the Beck Auctions compound, we were gifted with more than just land and buildings; we discovered the irreplaceable Hot Rod. From that day on, his life transformed. Every meal is a feast, his cozy bed awaits him every night, and regular vet visits ensure he’s in the pink of health. With every purr, stretch, and playful pounce, he reminds us of the joy he’s found here. His endearing antics have made him a favorite among our team and customers alike. Everyone who visits leaves with memories of Hot Rod’s gentle nudges and insistent meows for attention.His story, though tinged with initial sadness, is a testament to resilience and the beauty of fresh starts. So, when you’re at Beck Auctions, make sure to spare a moment for Hot Rod. A simple pat or scratch behind the ears is all he asks for, and he promises to leave an indelible mark on your heart.