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Clinton Beck Appraiser Auctioneer

Clinton Beck Auctioneer / Appraiser

The Friendliest Auctioneer In Canada!

Meet Clinton Beck – The Maestro Behind Beck Auctions:

Clinton isn’t just another auctioneer; he’s a visionary in the realm of auctions. Commanding over 10.5 million in sales last year alone, he’s an emblem of trust and efficiency. Under his stewardship, treasures don’t just sell; they embark on new journeys at top value.

Beck Estate Auctions: Where memories find new homes, and legacies live on. 

Join us.


What Is An Estate Auction? Turning Memories Into Value

Unearth the Mystique of Estate Auctions

Estate Auctions aren’t just events; they are ceremonies where cherished memories of a lifetime turn into tangible assets. It’s where the legacy of a loved one is celebrated, from treasured heirlooms to everyday essentials. Think vintage furniture, sparkling jewelry, rare collectibles, sturdy vehicles, and more.

Why Beck Estate Auctions?

Seamless Liquidation:

With Beck Estate Auctions, you aren’t just conducting a sale; you’re partnering with experts who make the intricate process of estate liquidation smooth and hassle-free.

Global Audience:

Our expansive database connects your treasures with collectors and enthusiasts from every corner of the globe, ensuring each item finds its ideal home.

Innovative Bidding:

Bid on-the-go! Our exclusive mobile and desktop bidding app keeps the auction pulse at your fingertips, ensuring dynamic competition and optimal prices.

Professional Cataloging:

Every piece is treated with reverence. Our specialists capture them in pristine detail and articulate descriptions that resonate with buyers.

Unparalleled Marketing:

Your estate auction doesn’t stay quiet. From our vast network, to social media, radio, our chain of antique stores, and even television – we shout your auction from every rooftop.

Upcoming Beck In House Auctions - Consign Now!

If you are a winning bidder on an auction and want to set up a pick up time simply click on the Text Us Button.  We will have your items ready for pick up.

Estate Auctions

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Alberta Estate Auctions

Why Beck Auctions?

We Take Care Of Everything...

We are passionate about treasures.  We strive to get your collections into the hands of people that will love them.  We know how hard it is to say goodbye to objects that have brought joy to your family for years.  With Beck’s, you will find our staff is both knowledgeable and friendly.  We are here to assist in every way possible to make this task smooth and simple.


Our experienced team of estate sales specialists have the knowledge, resources and experience to provide the best possible estate sale outcome. With our expertise in marketing, we are able to execute a smooth and successful estate sale process. 

We understand the importance of carefully marketing estate auction sales and use a comprehensive mix of print, radio and online marketing strategies to maximize the potential of each sale. We are passionate about providing an exceptional customer experience and will work hard to ensure a successful outcome.  

The Beck Auctions  user friendly App is a revolutionary and makes bidding accessible, easy and fun.  Beck Auctions has captured the younger generation with this technology.  Thousands of customers now experience treasure hunting anywhere and any time.  

We understand and use technology to the fullest.  Beck Auctions is the future of the auction industry.  Our user-friendly app is accessible – anytime and anywhere. Our app is free to use and can be easily downloaded on any smart phone device.  You can find it in the Apple and Google Play store.

Our Network

Clinton Beck & his team put the time into being connected.  From sitting on boards to attending international conferences, no one is more connected than Beck Auctions Inc.

  • President Wild Rose Antique Collectors Society 7 years.
  • Military Collectors Club Of Canada – Past Vice President
  • Edmonton & American Numismatic Society – Past Director
  • Edmonton Executive Association & International Executive Association – Past Director
  • Synergy Business Network – Member
  • Edmonton Business Association – Member
  • Auctioneers Association Of Alberta – Member
  • Canadian Jewellers Association & Canadian Gemological Association – Member

Pick Up And Delivery Is Available

We Are Also The Fastest In The West

With our well trained team of experts, you can expect the process to take 4-6 weeks from start to finnish.

Estate Security

Founded by Clinton Beck, Dragon’s Breath Security are experts in securing and protecting treasures of all kinds.  When other security companies could not protect his stores and employee’s, Clinton took matters into his own hands and created the world famous defensive security company.

Sometimes estates need to be secured.  Dragons Breath Security offers temporay monthly security systems and cameras to protect estates when no one is living on the premises.  From security guards to monitoring  to defensive technologies, nothing protects like a Dragon.  These specialized systems give you the piece of mind to know all the treasures of an estate are secure until all matters are settled.

Estate Maintenance

From lawn & garden care to snow removal, our estate services team will keep the estate looking ship shape until it is sold.  Our team can do scheduled visits making sure everything is in order and secure.

Estate Move Out Cleaning

Once all the treasures are sold our move out cleaning crew will make your estate spick and span and ready for the realtor.  The Beck Estate Services package includes cleaning the countertops, bathrooms, kitchens, floors, and dusting. Dusting Ceiling Fans, Ledges, and Window Sills. Cleaning outside vents and Baseboards. Vacuuming and Steam Cleaning Carpets. Cleaning Inside Ovens, Empty fridge and Cabinets.  We service all types of estates from multi million dollar mansions to the most unusual hoarder situations.  We handle every situation with extreme care.

Real Estate Auctions

Revolutionize Your Real Estate Sale with Beck Auctions

In the fast-paced world of real estate, speed is often paramount. Traditional methods may push you towards reducing prices for a swift sale, compromising the true worth of your property.

Enter Beck Auctions: where your property’s value is not just maintained, but potentially elevated. We initiate the bidding with a rational starting price, and from there, the only way is up. Our vast network, inclusive of eager investors, developers, and a wide-ranging public audience, will competitively vie for your asset, ensuring you get the value you deserve.

Mark your calendar! With Beck Auctions, you’re not left in limbo. Your property will be sold by a specific, predetermined date. And the cherry on top? Our commissions align seamlessly with standard realtor transactions, ensuring transparency and fairness throughout.

Choose Beck Auctions. Opt for speed, without sacrificing value.

Effortless Selling at Our Premier Auction House

Have a few valuable items you’re looking to sell? Our expansive 3-acre auction house is the ideal destination for your treasures. Conveniently open 6 days a week, selling has never been easier. Simply call ahead to schedule your drop-off, and our dedicated team will be on standby to assist with unloading and ensuring a smooth process.

Our dynamic auction house runs in-house auctions regularly, catering to a wide array of interests. Whatever your item, there’s a specialty auction that fits:

  • Antiques & Historical Items
  • Exquisite Art & Jewellery
  • Fine Liquor Collections
  • Rare Coins & Collectibles
  • Vehicles & Equipment
  • Tools & Hardware
  • Premium Real Estate
  • … and so much more!

Turn your treasures into profits with us! Whether you have one item or several, we’re here to ensure they find the perfect auction spotlight.

We Are The Friendliest Auction House In The West!

What truly makes Beck Auctions the greatest Auction house in
Alberta is our incredible team.

We have a staff of over 40 staff, each offering a unique set of knowledge and skills. Our staff are efficient and hard working. Not only do they complete estate auctions in record time in any conditions, but they offer an extensive knowledge as treasure.

We employ graphic designers, social media experts, marketing and communications experts, designers, photographers,videographer and editor and organizational coaches.

The best value our staff add is their exceptional customer service. Our staff have a 5 Star google rating, and an excellent rapport with our clients. From the moment a call is received until the final cheque is handed off, our clients are elated. Thanks to our amazing team, Beck Auctions have revitalized an indstry by providing a best-in-class customer experience.

Beck Auctions will ensure that your estate is handled with absolute professionalism and efficiency. We are experts at re-homing treasure. We
understand the difficulties of parting with a loved one’s estate and can handle
the sensitive needs of each individual client, in the most efficient and friendly manner.

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