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Clinton BeckIs An Auction Right For You?

Beck Auctions Inc. is Edmonton and area’s best company for estate auction sales.  We handle the cataloguing of an estate’s contents, dealing with potential buyers and collection of payments. Items are sold on a competitive bidding basis and there is a transparent record of the whole process.  

Typically about 95% of the contents of a home are sold, often at higher prices than an onsite estate sale.   What separates Beck Auctions from other auction houses is our extensive and specialized  collectors database.  We are experts at marketing both online and live auctions.



If you’re wondering if this is a good fit for you or someone you know, here’s where it might make sense to consider Beck Auctions Inc.:

• Moving from a large space to a much smaller one – such as an apartment, retirement home, or small house

• Estates that have many unique items or collections that have to be sold.  We love interesting and unusual collections.

• Must be out of the house for two weeks to allow time to catalogue, photograph and hold the online auction.

Here are some of the advantages of using a service like Beck Auctions Inc.:

• We get you a return on more items.   More will likely sell in a competitive bidding process, even commonplace items.  This saves the estate on disposal and labour costs which can be costly.

• It makes it easy and fair for family and friends to bid and buy things.

• If the beneficiaries are having trouble dividing possessions up fairly, everything can be sold and then the proceeds from the sale can be divided fairly.

• Beck’s handles everything, there is no work for the seller.  We can even clean the estate property so its ready for sale.

• Transparent process in collection and payment.  There is a complete paper trail.

• Values are arrived at through competitive bidding – think “bidding war” for unique or high value items!

• It is environmentally friendly as more goods get saved from the landfill, a better option than recycling plus estate makes money.

The process goes something like this:

• Items are grouped into “lots” traditionally a lot can be one or more items that naturally go together and likely sell for $50 or more – for example, a group of books, set of china, power tools, etc.

• Each item (or lot) is photographed and catalogued.

• The catalogue is verified by product experts and sent to the seller for approval before it is listed online.

• Marketing is done to bring exposure to thousands of Beck Auctions followers by placing radio ads, online listings, phone calls to dealers, collectors and resellers.  Beck Auctions also uses The Beck Group Of Companies database of 20,000 antique collectors and dealers across Alberta, Canada and worldwide.

• Buyers can view the catalogue online and begin bidding right away rather than being obliged to attend an event on a specific day.

• Buyers are able to preview the items online and come for a live preview supervised by Beck Auctions Inc.

• Buyers can bid repeatedly until the highest offer is achieved for every item for sale

• Beck Auctions Inc. answers any questions buyers have during the bidding and sales process.

• Buyers pick up their items during a designated day/time, with Beck Auctions Inc. onsite to manage everything.

• All funds, including taxes, are collected by Beck Auctions Inc., and payment is sent to the seller in a timely manner.

Last, but not least, how much does it cost?

• Beck Auctions Inc. charges 15-20% (Depending On The Type Of Item) of what each lot sells for as well as a $10.00 Lot listing fee.

• The biggest difference between Beck’s and any other auction house is our network of potential buyers.  For the past 40 years Clinton Beck has been building his network and sits on the board of many collectors organizations.  He is an expert at dealing with unique objects and collections.

Below is his current network.

Clinton M. Beck President

Appraiser, Auctioneer
Alberta Commissioner Of Oaths


Wild Rose Antique Collectors Society


Alberta Auctioneers Association
Edmonton Executive Association
Canadian Jewellers Association
International Executive Association
Canadian Gemmological Association
Military Collectors Club Of Canada
Edmonton Numismatic Society Coin Club

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