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What Is An Estate Auction?

At Beck Auctions our estate auction is a service that is designed to help estates with the daunting task of liquidating an estate.  You hire an estate auctioneer to take the work off of your plate for a fee.  At Beck Auctions Inc. our auctioneers charge a 20% commission on hammer selling price during the auction.  In other words if someone bids $100 on an item, you as the estate client would recieve $80.  Hundreds of buyers bid on the estate items with most of the bidding action taking place on the last few hours of the auction. 

There are options to sell estate items.  You could have an estate sale / garage sale.  This requires lots of time pricing items, holding the sale and dealing with customers.  Often at the end of an estate sale piles of items are still not sold resulting in more work to dispose of them.

During an estate auction, almost everything sells.  This eliminates the heavy lifting and hours of work needed to dispose of items.

At auctions, things sell for what they are worth.  Some things will sell cheap and some things may sell at a high price.  The bottom line is they sell for what the market feels it is worth at that time.

Do You Have The Time And Knowledge To Deal With The Daunting Task Of An Estate Liquidation?

Our professionals photograph and market all your treasures.  We then advertise and market your auction to the entire city and world online.  Our database has thousands of customers who purchase estate items regularly.

With Beck Auctions you also get access to specific collector groups that Clinton Beck has been involved with for decades.

Clinton Beck affiliations include

President Wild Rose Antique Collectors Society

Military Collectors Club Of Canada

Edmonton & American Numismatic Society

Edmonton Executive Association & International Executive Association

Synergy Business Network

We Are The Friendliest Auction House In The West!

Our people really make the difference.  All our customers tell us that we are the friendliest auction house that they have ever dealt with.  From the time you call to the time you recieve your check, you will have a fantastic experience.

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